4x4 Accessories

When looking for 4x4 accessories you want to know you are choosing a brand you can trust. Opposite Lock is a trusted name for good reason, our products are exceptional quality and we offer a warranty that proves we're willing to stand behind everything we sell. We offer a wide range of 4x4 accessories and equipment to help you get more from your 4WD vehicle.

Whether you’re using the vehicle for your job or you’re looking to go off-roading on weekends, we have all the accessories you need to do both, efficiently and effectively.

We carry products to suit all makes and models and for a variety of purposes. Many of our products come in different materials so you can choose the most appropriate for your situation. Though everyone will want and choose something different, there are a few products that most drivers of 4WDs usually want.

These include:
Roof Racks — 4x4 Accessories in Street Wodonga, VIC
Bull Bar
Car with roof rack

Come in for all your 4x4 accessories

We have all the products you need to get everything you want from your four-wheel drive. To view our extensive range of 4WD Products, click on the logo below.
When you shop with us you’ll be buying from people who are passionate about the off-roading lifestyle. We can advise you on which products and accessories would be best for your situation, to help you choose. You can give us a call, click the Opposite Lock logo below, or just come in to see our selection.